Multiple Exposures

Abstract Skyline  +  Chicago, IL

Taken with a plastic Holga camera on 120 film, Multiple Exposures is a series of images exploring iconic imagery combined with multiple angles, overlapping images and a deconstructed reality. The resulting images are an abstract glimpse at what we think we know.

Sear  +  Willis Tower. Chicago, IL

Evening Playhouse  +  Evening (Frederick Wellington Ruckstull) and Coonley Playhouse Window (Frank Lloyd Wright). New York City.

Museum Tulip  +   Guggenheim Museum (Frank Lloyd Wright) and Central Park Tulips. New York City.

Times Squared  +  Times Square. New York City.

Ginkgo Booth  +  Ginkgo Trees and Telephone Booth. Oak Park, IL.

Golden Ginkgo  +   Ginkgo Tree. Oak Park, IL.

Riot Carnival  +  Riot Fest and Carnival. Chicago, IL.

Lolla Ball  +  Lollapalooza Music Festival. Chicago, IL.

Lollapalooz  +   Lollapalooza Music Festival. Chicago, IL.

Pebble Pier  +  Plage du Larvotto. Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Triangle Cruise  +  Mediterranean Sea. Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Grass Woods  +  Indiana Dunes. Chesterton, IN.

Grass Doll  +  Indiana Dunes. Chesterton, IN.

Stormy Beach  +  Indiana Dunes. Chesterton, IN.

Green Silence  +  Eternal Silence (Lorado Taft for the Dexter Graves Monument at Graceland Cemetery). Chicago, IL.