Graphic Design

Client: New York City’s YMCA

Summer Camp Infographic for print and social media. 

Client: New York City’s YMCA

Tips To Keeping a Smart Heart infographic.

Client: New York City’s YMCA

Bookmarks developed for the Greenpoint YMCA’s Early Childhood Center Opening.

Client: Humana, American Diabetes Association

A volvelle and magnet designed for Humana to be used within workshops in conjunction with the American Diabetes Association for specific markets in the New Orleans. 

Client: Humana

Icon library developed for Humana to be used to illustrate consumer experience and designed to be interchangeable and flexible within different enviorments

Client: American Planning Association

Cover designs and sample spread for the American Planning Association’s monthly Zoning Practice publication.

Client: New York City’s YMCA

Sample pages of a program guide from New York City’s YMCA, created with a custom template developed to be used across their 22 branches to maintain consistency within the language and brand standards. 

Client: YMCA of Greater Charlotte

Sample spreads from the 2014 Impact Report for YMCA of Charlotte North Carolina

Client: New York City’s YMCA

Logo design and layout for STEM program, a part of New York City’s YMCA

Client: AlphaMetrix

AlphaMetrix product brochure design with Chicago based photography taken by me. 

Client: Bravo Restaurants

Breakfast menu for Ed Debevic’s Chicago.

Client: Bravo Restaurants

Redesign of Edwardo’s menu.

Client: Hudson Properties

Line drawings and plaque design for exterior of their properties.

Client: Messina Group

Photography and postcard design for Messina Group.

Client: AlphaMetrix

On-site exterior signage at 2013 Monaco Summit for AlphaMetrix.

Client: Bravo Restaurants Inc.

New brand concept poster design for Gino’s East restaurant.

Client: Bravo Restaurants Inc.

Max and Benny’s branding: logo, packaging design and product photos.