Flower Show

My favorite part of Spring, besides it just not being Winter, is the flowers. The colors that pop out of the ground in vibrant shades that look like Pantone swatches can lighten even the heaviest winter blues. The textures of the petals look and feel even more heavenly that the highest thread count sheets. But unlike fabric, plants and flowers are alive. You can see them bruise and wilt if they’re not cared for and age just like people. If you buy flowers from a florist or plant them in your yard, you know that they will not last. So while they’re around it’s important to soak them in like their petals soak in the sun. It’s inspiring to take pictures of flowers because of their natural beauty. They’re physical paint and brush strokes that I can compose in my camera and enhance their features that are usually in our day to day peripheral but rarely appreciated beyond decoration. The Macy’s Flower Show in downtown Chicago every year is a great opportunity to see thousands of blooms beautifully arranged and paired in a theme. This year’s theme was “The Secret Garden” and runs though April 7th.

See the full album of flowers in my Flower Show portfolio. [portfolio nzs_category=”flower-show”] Flower ShowFlower Show

Flower ShowFlower Show Flower Show

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