Cosplay at C2E2

I’ve never been to a convention like C2E2 before. At Chicago’s McCormick Place from April 25th – 26th 2015, C2E2 stands for Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. It’s a gathering of fans and self proclaimed “nerds” celebrating their favorite superheros, movies, graphic novels, television shows, artists, etc. While most attendees are just happy to buy copious amounts of merch, others show off their enthusiasm by dressing up.

Cosplay, or wearing costumes and playing a character, is a tradition at comic conventions. It’s inspiring seeing so much enthusiasm among those who dress up and watching everyone around them pull out their photos and pose with them. Little girls flying over to hug Elsa, a grown man posing with Batman, or a suit so large and intricate they probably started planning it a year ago and you wonder how they even fit through the doors.

I wasn’t expecting to ever attend something like this convention, but when an opportunity to be an observer at an event like this pops up, I just can’t say no. The energy was joyous and I heard over and over how much they just felt like they “home.” I enjoyed the enthusiasm so much I’m considering coming back next time, and maybe not just as an observer.

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